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This Substack is the home base of the writing podcast, newsletter, and now book, This Creative Life. The podcast is a labor of love, free to listeners, and sponsored by me. Me is a full-time writer. This means I don’t produce episodes on a regular schedule. Rather, I do it as my book deadlines allow.

As of spring 2022, This Creative Life is also a book! It’s a philosophical companion to the podcast, digging into the recurring themes that have come up with guests, such as balancing the creative side of writing with the business, dealing with our own external and internal obstacles to writing, and the many other “between the lines” aspects of the writing life.

While I will continue to produce podcast episodes as time allows, I’ll also be using this newsletter to send out more regular missives about writing—process, craft, and the head-games we play with ourselves when trying to write.

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- Sara

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